Roadshow: Lawsuit means delays on Measure B projects

Q: I’d like to know why Freeway one hundred and one south onto Freeway 87 is just a single-lane exit. Appears there’s loads of room for a two-lane exit and my guess is it will do wonders for the every day visitors snarl on a hundred and one every afternoon. … All they should do is add a bit paint to repair this.

Patrick Younger, Luke Mulcah, Stephen Prizant and hundreds extra

Q: I just got plates for my new car in the mail — beginning with 8AC! …I bought a new car in early August and got my new plates within three weeks — 8AAD. … My new plates start with 8AB. … I was on Interstate 5 in Commerce when I saw my first license plate that begins with ‘8’ — at 8ADB. … In Menlo Park. I spotted an 8AC plate.

Maura Rees, Carla Klein, David Ventua,
Penelope Bowen, Kevin Rooney and dozens of others

A: But the leader in the clubhouse may be …

Q: I saw an 8AAA license plate in south Palo Alto on a white Prius.

Bob Cook
Palo Alto

A: A Prius, of course.

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