Bridge: Nov. 6, 2017

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In a wide ranging remaining, John DIAMOND-Brian Platnick and Boye Brogeland-Espen Lindqvist gained the Spingold Knockout Groups on the ACBL’s Summer time NABC. In a stirring fourth-quarter rally, they edged LAVAZZA (Bilde-Duboin, Bocchi-Sementa, Madala-Bianchedi), 121 to 116.

DIAMOND began shakily, dropping closely in at this time’s deal. South’s two-coronary heart opening was allegedly a weak two-bid. (No one might deny it was weak.) East doubled after two passes, and West handed for penalty. When North wriggled with an “SOS redouble,” North-South discovered their spade match, however that didn’t assist them.


West made the indicated lead of the king of trumps, and the protection cleared three rounds. Declarer took two trump tips and the ace of diamonds, down 5. DIAMOND’s East-West made 3NT within the replay, however LAVAZZA gained 12 IMPs.

Why specialists bask in bids corresponding to two hearts towards world-class opponents is past my comprehension. Nonetheless, South gained the Spingold whereas I sit tapping at my keyboard.


You maintain: S A Q 7 H A 9 D Okay Q 7 5 three C A J eight. Each side weak. The vendor, at your proper, opens three hearts. What do you say?

ANSWER: To keep away from being stolen from, you should assume your companion has a few of the lacking factors. Bid 3NT. An alternate is to double, then bid 3NT subsequent if he responds three spades (to offer him the choice of returning to 4 spades). But when companion responded 4 of a minor go well with, you may miss your greatest and solely makable recreation.

South vendor

Neither aspect weak


S 6 5 four 2

H None

D A eight four 2

C Okay 7 6 four three


S Okay 9

H Okay J 10 5 2

D 10 9 6

C Q 10 9


S A Q 7

H A 9

D Okay Q 7 5 three

C A J eight


S J 10 eight three

H Q eight 7 6 four three


C 5 2

South West North East

2 H(!) Cross Cross Dbl

Move Cross Redbl Move

2 S Dbl All Move

Opening lead — S Okay

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